Friday, 9 December 2016

18 tips for managing stress

Image result for image of stressed personStress is a normal part of everyday life and its almost unavoidable; it could be positive or negative but regardless it leaves an individual feeling emotionally and physically overwhelmed. Nevertheless positive stress is good  as it can motivate you and help you become more productive while negative stress can be harmful and often leads to anxiety, mental and physical problems as well as decreased performance.
     Positive stress may arise from factors like starting a new job, having a child, holiday season, taking a vacation, planning an event, receiving a promotion at work, taking educational classes or learning a new hobby e.t.c. On the other hand, negative stress may arise from factors like excessive job demands, death of a loved one , separation from a spouse, conflicts in interpersonal relationships, hospitalization, unemployment, financial problems and many more.

18 Tips for managing stress effectively
  1. Start off your day with breakfast.
  2. Instead of drinking coffee all day, switch to fruit juice.
  3. Avoid trying to do multiple tasks at the same time.
  4. Learn to say NO. Stop trying to please everybody.
  5. Make time for relaxation and fun
  6. Develop a support network (family and friends).
  7. Always ask for help whenever you feel overwhelmed.
  8. Take a mindful walk and practice meditation regularly.
  9. Get regular exercises.
  10. Organize your work by setting priorities.
  11. Try to find something funny in a difficult situation.
  12. Go for vacation or special weekend getaway.
  13. Listen to music.
  14. Visit a spa regularly.
  15. Always appreciate and praise yourself at the end of every task performed.
  16. Reward yourself  for every goal accomplished or targets met.
  17. Optimize your health with good nutrition, sleep and rest.
  18. Pray to God.

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