Tuesday, 15 October 2013


    Constipation is a term used to describe abnormal infrequency or irregularity of
defecation,abnormal hardening of stools that make their passage difficult and sometimes painful,a decrease in stool volume or retention of stool in the rectum for a prolonged period.In other words,a person who has had hard stools and has not had a bowel movement for two or more days is said to be constipated.Any variation from normal habits may be considered a problem.
     Constipation may be as a result of the following:
1.Dietary habits i.e low consumption of fiber,fruits,vegetables.
2.Inadequate fluid intake.
3.Lack of regular exercise.
4.Ignoring the urge to defecate
7.Stress-filled life
8.Certain medications e.g antihypertensives
9.Rectal or anal disorders e.g haemorrhoids(pile)
10.Tumour e.g cancer of the bowel e.t.c
       Constipation can be prevented or managed by doing the following:
1.Intake of at least 2L of water daily to provide adequate hydration.
2.Intake of high-fiber foods to promote the bulk in the stool and to make it easier to pass faeces through the rectum.
3.Always heed the urge to defecate as promptly as possible.
4.Regular exercises helps to strengthen abdominal muscles and thus enhances regular bowel movements
5.Bowel habit training.

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